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Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Rogue One draws deep on Star Wars mythology while breaking new narrative and aesthetic ground -- and suggesting a bright blockbuster future for the franchise.

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rogue one

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Just confirm how you got your ticket. Cinemark Coming Soon. Regal Coming Soon. By opting to have your ticket verified for this movie, you are allowing us to check the email address associated with your Rotten Tomatoes account against an email address associated with a Fandango ticket purchase for the same movie. Rogue One is largely free of the weight of myth and expectation that were borne by The Force Awakens, and this turns out to be both a good and a bad thing. Christopher Orr. Not just a dull but an oppressive experience, being force-fed a corporate product: a film that never comes alive, with none of the characters properly developed, none of the relationships gelling, the very adventure formulaic.

David Sexton. Its characters are largely new, which means the movie can do with them as it wants. It isn't hemmed in the way most prequels are. Sam Adams. With all the aerial dogfights, armored combat vehicles, grenades, flame-throwers and snipers, Rogue One feels like a film for those who think that most Star Wars movies are insufficiently like World War II flicks.

Bob Mondello. The good news is that Edwards' effort to make a storm-the-beach war film produces a tense third act that earns most of its big moments and also justifies much of what's come before. Matthew Lickona. A a tense, well-made spacefaring war movie about a desperate and demoralized band of insurgents standing up against a rising authoritarian regime. Chris Klimek. Star Wars as a franchise is not perfect. But Rogue One gave us something different in its standalone approach. It reinforces the simple notion of hope and change and the true cost of conflict and war.

Kelechi Ehenulo. Rogue One is exciting and action-packed Damond Fudge. It's indicative of where this franchise is going.Sign In. Jyn Erso Diego Luna Cassian Andor Alan Tudyk K-2SO Donnie Yen Baze Malbus Ben Mendelsohn Orson Krennic Guy Henry Governor Tarkin Forest Whitaker Saw Gerrera Riz Ahmed Bodhi Rook Mads Mikkelsen Galen Erso Jimmy Smits Bail Organa Alistair Petrie General Draven Genevieve O'Reilly Mon Mothma Ben Daniels General Merrick Paul Kasey Admiral Raddus Stephen Stanton Admiral Raddus voice Ian McElhinney General Dodonna Fares Fares Senator Vaspar Jonathan Aris Senator Jebel Sharon Duncan-Brewster Senator Pamlo Spencer Wilding Darth Vader Daniel Naprous Darth Vader James Earl Jones Darth Vader voice Ingvild Deila Princess Leia Anthony Daniels C-3PO Valene Kane Lyra Erso Beau Gadsdon Young Jyn Dolly Gadsdon Younger Jyn Duncan Pow Sergeant Melshi Jordan Stephens Corporal Tonc Babou Ceesay Lieutenant Sefla Aidan Cook Two Tubes Daniel Mays Tivik Andy de la Tour General Hurst Romodi Tony Pitts Captain Pterro Martin Gordon Rebel Tech Francis Magee Grizzly Rebel Bronson Webb Rebel MP Tim BeckmannJyn is being transferred on an Imperial prison transport when it is stopped by rebel forces.

rogue one

Seeing an opportunity to escape, Jyn makes her way out, only to be stopped by an Imperial security droid. Jyn and Cassian must watch their step as they make their way through the streets of Jedha City. Rogue One gets word that they are about to land on Scarif. Jyn gives the team a pep talk to get them ready for the task at hand: stealing the Death Star plans.

Admiral Raddus leads the Rebel fleet into the Battle of Scarif, with a planetary shield standing in their way. These twin connections help Vader channel his rage and pain into a focus for the dark side of the Force. Also known as NiJedha or simply Jedha City, the fabled Holy City of Jedha continues to attract pilgrims from numerous faiths despite a brutal Imperial occupation. But pilgrims keep coming despite the danger, hungering for answers to spiritual questions Jyn Erso is serving a year sentence on Wobani under the alias Liana Hallik when Alliance Pathfinders free her from captivity.

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Across the desert from the Holy City lie the ancient Catacombs of Cadera, once the final resting place for adherents of a vanished faith. Some time after abandoning Dantooine, Alliance High Command transferred operations to a new headquarters on the jungle moon of Yavin 4. There, stone temples built by a now-vanished species have been transformed into hangars, barracks and a command center.

From Base One, as the Massassi site is known, rebel leaders direct the fight against the Empire. On this world far from the centers of power, Galen and his family have reinvented themselves as subsistence farmers, hoping to escape from Director Krennic and his hunters.

Few suspect the planet is home to a top-secret laboratory where Imperial scientists working for the Tarkin Initiative seek to unlock the secrets of kyber crystals and perfect a terrifying weapon. A small desert moon frosted by a permanent winter, Jedha is home to one of the first civilizations to explore the nature of the Force.

At one time a world important to the Jedi Order, Jedha serves as a holy site for pilgrims from across the galaxy who seek spiritual guidance. Now, the Empire occupies Jedha, and a prolonged battle between Imperial forces and scattered Rebels carries on in the timeworn streets.

The planet Scarif would be a beautiful tropical paradise if not for the presence of a major Imperial military installation. Scarif is the principal construction facility for the vast Imperial war machine. The world is enveloped in impenetrable deflector shields and is heavily defended.

rogue one

It was the location of the principal rebel base early in the Galactic Civil War, and the site from which the Rebellion launched the attack that destroyed the first Death Star -- a confrontation known thereafter as the Battle of Yavin. A tiny, fiery planet in the Outer Rim, Mustafar maintains an erratic orbit between two gas giants.

Mustafar is rich in unique and valuable minerals which have long been mined by the Tech Union.The film's score is composed by Michael Giacchinomarking the first live-action film in the Star Wars canon to not be scored by John Williams. It is the first film in the Star Wars Anthology Series. It is set closer to the latter film and focuses on the formation of the Rebel Alliance and their efforts to steal the plans to the Death Staran event that was referenced in the opening crawl of A New Hope.

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Jyn Ersoplayed by Jones, and a group of other characters band together to steal the plans from the Galactic Empire. Edwards has described the film as "a grounded, war-based movie, one in which normal people have to come together to fight the Empire as opposed to relying on the Jedi or the Force ". In a time of conflict, a group of unlikely heroes band together on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Starthe Empire's ultimate weapon of destruction.

This key event in the Star Wars timeline brings together ordinary people who choose to do extraordinary things, and in doing so, become part of something greater than themselves. In theaters December Approximately six years after the formation of the Galactic EmpireImperial Director Orson Krennic and a squad of his death troopers land on the planet Lah'mu and forcibly recruit scientist Galen Erso to complete the work of the Death Stara space station capable of destroying entire planets.

Galen's wife, Lyra Ersois killed when she shoots and injures Krennic to stop him from taking her husband. Their daughter, Jyn Ersogoes into hiding until Saw Gerreraleader of the Partisansrescues her and takes her in. Thirteen years lateran adult Jyn Erso, under the alias of Liana Halik, has been imprisoned in the Detention center on Wobani sharing a cell with Oolin Musters. On the Ring of Kafrene trading outpost in section ninethe Rebel Intelligence officer Captain Cassian Andor meets with a contact, a man named Tivikwho reveals that an Imperial cargo pilot defected from the Galactic Empire the day before and is telling people that they are making a weapon with the Kyber crystals from Jedha.

After persuasion from Andor, Tivik reveals that the weapon is a "planet killer" and that Rook is telling people that Galen Erso, an old friend of Saw Gerrera's, sent him. Having defected, Imperial pilot Bodhi Rook seeks out Saw, carrying an important message from Galen concerning the Empire's construction of an ultimate weapon.

He finds Gerrera's hideout on Jedha but Gerrera's Partisan soldiers, including Benthicare distrustful of Rook's intentions and capture him. They bring him before Gerrera and though Bodhi pleads his case to the Partisan leader, Gerrera does not trust him either, fearing that he is being lured into a trap. To discover if Rook is being truthful or not, Gerrera subjects him to the torturous creature Bor Gulletan experience which leads to a temporary loss of Bodhi's sanity.

They convince her to help get them an audience with Saw, whom Jyn has not seen since he abandoned her years prior. Though the mission is presented to Jyn as one of extraction, Draven covertly orders Cassian to kill Galen so as to prevent the weapon from being completed. As he looks on, the superlaser is being installed. Krennic comes aboard the Star Destroyer and approaches Tarkin on the bridge. Tarkin expresses his concern over the defected cargo pilotwho is spreading rumors on Jedha about the Death Star's existence.

He tells Krennic that his time is up as far as completing the battle station goes and that the Emperor would not tolerate any more delays on the project.Register - Forgot Password.

By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. The series is set to be run by Tony Gilroywho co-wrote Rogue One. It turns out, Gilroy isn't the only writer from the film still working in the franchise. Gary Whitta took to Twitter today to tease his own Star Wars- related announcement. While there's a chance this could be related to the Cassian series, it's more likely this is about a new project.

Especially considering the Rogue One prequel is expected to begin filming next month. You can check out Whitta's tweet below. Recently, Diego Luna admitted it was "hard" knowing his Star Wars role as the Rebel spy Captain in the spin-off w ould be short-lived, but the actor is excited to explore the background of his character, and he's not afraid to get his hands dirty.

After Luna expressed disappointment Rogue One ended with Andor's death — preventing his return in future stories set during the Original Trilogy — the star shared gratitude for the opportunity to revisit the character in his own prequel series.

And not because of the film," he previously told SYFY. That's it,' And I go, 'Well, yes. That's the thing about this film. But the tone of our film, it pays honor to, I believe, the best times of this universe," Luna continued. Those [ Star Wars ] films left a very deep mark on me, as [the] audience, and as a filmmaker. Remember me on this device Login. Movies Arrow. TV Arrow. Comics Arrow. Gaming Arrow. Community Arrow. Search Search Close Search.

Start the Conversation.Set a few days before A New Hopethe plot follows a group of rebels who band together to steal plans of the Death Starthe ultimate weapon of the Galactic Empire. The film also details the Rebel Alliance 's first effective victory against the Empire, first referenced in A New Hope ' s opening crawl.

Based on an idea first pitched by Knoll ten years before it entered development, the film was made to be different in tone and style from the traditional Star Wars films, omitting the customary opening crawl and transitional screen wipes.

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Principal photography on the film began at Pinewood Studios[5] BuckinghamshireUKin early August and wrapped in February The film then went through extensive reshoots directed by Gilroy in mid It received positive reviews from critics, with praise for its acting, story, visuals, musical score, and dark tone, but criticism for its pacing, underdeveloped characters, and digital recreations of Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher.

Research scientist Galen Erso and his family are in hiding on the planet Lah'mu when Imperial weapons developer Orson Krennic arrives to press him into completing the Death Stara space station -based superweapon capable of destroying entire planets.

Galen's wife, Lyra, is killed in the confrontation while their daughter, Jynescapes and is rescued by rebel extremist Saw Gerrera. Fifteen years later, cargo pilot Bodhi Rook defects from the Empire, taking a holographic message recorded by Galen to Gerrera on the desert moon Jedha.

Cassian is covertly ordered to kill Galen rather than extract him. Jyn, Cassian, and reprogrammed Imperial droid K-2SO travel to Jedha, where the Empire is removing kyber crystals from the holy city to power the Death Star; Gerrera and his partisans are engaged in an armed insurgency against them. Gerrera shows her the message, in which Galen reveals he has secretly built a vulnerability into the Death Star and directs them to retrieve the schematics from an Imperial data bank on the planet Scarif.

On the Death Star, Krennic orders a low-powered test shot which destroys Jedha's capital. Jyn and her group take Rook and flee the moon, but Gerrera remains to die with the city. Grand Moff Tarkin congratulates Krennic before using Rook's defection and security leak as a pretext to take control of the project. Rook leads the group to Galen's Imperial research facility on the planet Eaduwhere Cassian chooses not to kill Galen.

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Jyn makes her presence known moments before Rebel bombers attack the facility. Galen is mortally wounded by the bombers and dies in his daughter's arms, before she escapes with her group on board a stolen Imperial cargo shuttle.

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Krennic seeks his support for an audience with the Emperorbut Vader instead Force-chokes him and orders him to ensure no further breaches occur. Jyn proposes a plan to steal the Death Star schematics using the Rebel fleet but fails to gain approval from the Alliance Council, who feel victory against the Empire is now impossible.

Frustrated at their inaction, Jyn's group lead a small squad of Rebel volunteers to raid the databank themselves. The Rebel fleet learns of the raid from intercepted Imperial communications and deploys in support.

K-2SO sacrifices himself so Jyn and Cassian can retrieve the data. Rook is killed by a grenade after informing the Rebel fleet that it must deactivate the shield surrounding the planet to allow the transmission of the schematics.

Jyn and Cassian obtain the schematics, but they are ambushed by Krennic, who is eventually shot and wounded by Cassian. Jyn transmits the schematics to the Rebel command ship. The Death Star enters orbit above Scarif, where Tarkin uses another low-power shot to destroy the compromised base, killing Krennic, Cassian, and Jyn, along with all remaining ground Imperial and Rebel forces. The Rebel fleet prepares to jump to hyperspacebut many of the fleet's ships are intercepted by Vader's arriving Star Destroyer.

Vader boards the Rebel command ship and kills many of the rebel troops in an attempt to regain the schematics, but a small starship escapes with the plans on board.

Full Cast & Crew

Aboard the fleeing ship, Princess Leia declares that the schematics will provide hope for the Rebellion. James Earl Jones also reprises his role from previous films as the voice of Darth Vader[26] who is physically portrayed by Spencer Wilding during the meeting with Krennic and aboard the Star Destroyer, and by Daniel Naprous for the end scene.Is Rogue One a sequel?

A prequel? A spinoff? The answer is yes—to all of the above. Rogue One is set just before A New Hope and introduces an entirely new cast of characters—Rebel spies who set out to steal the plans to the Death Star.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The events of the film fit right into the middle of the Star Wars timeline, which will get even more complicated with several planned sequels and spinoffs hitting theaters in the coming years. Star Wars fans measure time in the universe relative to the Battle of Yavin, the clash that led to the destruction of the first Death Star in A New Hope. Here's where all the movies all fit on the fictional timeline and spoiler alert! Release Date: They believe he will bring balance to the Force, this vague power that good guys Jedi and bad guys Sith use.

They want to train him, but the Jedi Council says no because they sense a darkness inside him. Spoiler: They're right. Anakin wins a pod race. Jar-Jar Binks begins his campaign for most racist sci-fi character ever. A young Natalie Portman plays a planet queen. The Jedi Council agrees because can you really begrudge a man his dying wish, even if it might wreak havoc on the galaxy? Watch it: amazon. Plot: Anakin, now played by actual adult Hayden Christensen, is assigned to protect Padme Portmanand the two fall in love.

Obi-Wan discovers both the Republic's secret clone army and the Trade Federation's secret droid army—what are the odds? That turns out to be a big mistake because he was a Sith Lord the whole time.

Meanwhile, Anakin gets really emo after his mother dies, and he slaughters her killers.

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